A library of documents available in a few clicks only. SOMUM Library gives you access to all relevant structured documents and made easy to access. He is also possible to join an Internet hyperlink to enable direct access to certain documents. SOMUM library integrates all collaborative document management features. It is possible to follow the evolution of a document and to consult the archives. It is also possible to define the published version in a desired format (e.g. PDF) and continue the update of an original version in another format (e.g. MS-Word).

It is possible, in the interests of security, to assign access and specific management rights for a set of document. This will offer the proper protection and confidentiality of the documents. A detailed history of actions performed to a document is preserved, offering managers the opportunity to carry out a detailed audit.

For a work plan, project management, documentary management of emergency measures scenarios, SOMUM Library is an adapted and powerful tool that facilitates access and distribution of relevant documents and updated to authorized persons.


  • Web Platform 
  • Advanced control access 
  • Intuitive 
  • Integration of all types of documents
  • Monitoring and archiving of updates
  • Possibility to reserve a document during the update
  • Possibility of subscription update in order to be informed of updates of a document
  • Ability to assign Internet links to a document

SOMUM Library is an advanced documentary Manager.

  • Customizable title
  • Possibility of associating multiple files of different natures
  • Ability to lock in order to notify that it is changing
  • Possibility of associating an Internet URL to allow external distribution
  • Public URL (without security)
  • URL secured by a password
  • URL accessible only via the SomumWEB
  • Compilation of a history detailed actions carried out by document
  • Ability to integrate several documents at the same time

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