SOMUM Map to interface easily with all others SOMUM solutions. This tool allows the mapping selection, to select a geographic area before launching a campaign.  The operator can then easily convey a message targeted to this selection. SOMUM Map also allows overlays of layers of information, integration of vehicular, equipment tracking and much more.  It is a complementary tool of essential management.


  • Map display of Canada combine with an easy and effective tool for manipulating the data 
  • Pin point and zoom possibility
  • Displays elements of SOMUM on the map
  • results of calls
  • items from the log book
  • On map selection for sending the calls campaign
  • Simple manipulation of the geographical elements
  • Measuring tool
  • Drawing tool integrated query tool
  • 2D/3D display 

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS SOMUM Map allows you to use the cartographic data. It is possible to make a mapping selection of an area to create a selection that can be used in SOMUM. It is also possible to display geo-referenced data from SOMUM

Availability : SOMUM Map is only available in hosted mode.

Mapping data

  • SOMUM Map database cover Canada with a 4326 projection  and subsequent layers are available: 
  • Roads with street names and addresses 
  • Railway 
  • Hydrology
  • Parks
  • Airport 
  • Public areas 
  • Public buildings public
  • Microsoft Live satellite

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