SOMUM Monitoring is a completely customizable tracking tool in real time of everybody’s interventions (internal or external) management of events.  Via an intuitive Web interface that is accessible on several platforms (PC, tablets, smart phones...) everybody may register its interventions in the logbook.

SOMUM Monitoring is an essential tool to keep the traceability of the operations and actions of each, at a specific event.  In addition to keep the thread of events in real time it allows access to everybody in a common base where are listed all actions to ensure a cohesion and a synchronism of the treatment.


  • Web Platform 
  • Intuitive
  • Evolved access control
  • Ability to secure some information of registration while allowing access to other information
  • Customizable form
  • Integration of all types of documents in reference
  • Real time tracking 
  • Simultaneous management of multiple events
  • Multi-Department, multi-agency 


  • Ability to customize the data base structure
  • Possibility to manage several dash-boards at the same time 
  • Access management of the events and registrations 
  • Possibility to customize views (grids) and forms 
  • Ability to integrate Visual cues to quickly identify information entered by users
  • Views Ability to define multiple views
  • Possibility of associating an advanced security option
  • Possibility of associating a user groups to a specific view
  • Ability to define the information visible in the search grid and exportable 
  • Possibility to define an automatic refresh of data
  • Forms
  • Ability to define multiple forms
  • Ability to combine an advanced security option
  • Possibility of associating user groups with a form
  • Possibility to customize fields available as well as the conditions of entry
  • Advanced Access control
  • Multi-user (possibility of having a number of unlimited workstations)
  • Access control to the application entry
  • Definition of functionality available by user
  • Group of user management
  • Very detailed monitoring  of operations performed by each user

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